14 Raglan Street
North Melbourne, Vic 3051


03 9326 3006

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Club Voltaire is a unique, wonderfully eccentric and intimate theatre space set to become the destination for emerging artists but welcoming established artists as well. 


 Melbourne is one of those cities where venues are continuously waiting for the curious to find them. There are treasures awaiting you down every laneway, behind wooden doors, under every building and on top of every roof. Smells tango underneath your nose with no visual notion of its origin whilst sounds bound and leap into your personal atmosphere without permission.

With the right Intel and great navigational skills, the renowned arts world of Melbourne reveals itself in the most exciting ways. In North Melbourne there is a street, no more significant than an alleyway and Raglan is its name. This street is home to a set of glass double doors. Inside, a staircase arises to your left. Ascending a double flight, an intimately lit room with red curtains hides a Melbourne secret treasure. As the curtains recede there appears a stage used to find and nurture Australian talent: Club Voltaire.

Club Voltaire encourages and promotes original acts in music, performance art, edgy cabaret, burlesque, avant garde, variety, comedy, dance and film. Shows run Wednesday through to Sunday. The current weekly program includes, White Coat Comedy, Sunday Shorts, Theatrical Illusions, Music Acoustic Nights, ImproBox and the mysterious Dark Night of Desire.

Club Voltaire is also home to Australian Centre of Performing Arts (ACOPA) students, who utilize this venue for production, promotion, performance and venue management. For the past four years Club Voltaire has been associated with the Melbourne Fringe Festival and has had a continuing relationship with the North Melbourne Spring Fling Festival.

Club Voltaire plays a lead role in the development and promotion of unique acts on a local, national and international level. Associations with the Australian Centre of Performing Arts (ACOPA) and the Australian Creative Talent Agency (ACTA) creates an exciting atmosphere at Club Voltaire as the production of fresh young talent constantly reveals themselves behind receded red velvet curtains.

The Director Lindsay Saddington and the staff are always working hard to bring the best emerging theatre practitioners, the most promising talent and the most exciting and daring new acts to Club Voltaire.

Any enquiries into Club Voltaire’s weekly shows please visit or call (03) 9326 3006.

Club Voltaire opens from 7pm Wednesday to Sunday at 14 Raglan Street, North Melbourne.


On the flip side, if you are one of those budding blooms waiting to burst into the rays of Club Voltaire’s stage lights, contact Lindsay Saddington.

We aim to support and nurture a variety of emerging and established artists by providing multiple opportunities to perform, present and grow their art at a low risk to the performer.

If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us or you’d like to become a volunteer at Club Voltaire from any of our shows please feel free to email us. We’d love to hear from you!
If you have a show that you think would work in Club Voltaire’s edgy, wonderfully eccentric and intimate theatre venue, or a solo artist without a full show then contact Lindsay Saddington with your contact details and a description of your concept/production. Please have a look at our venue hire information.